Club Bio

As a team of coaches, we are extremely focused on having a growth mind-set, as opposed to a fixed mind-set.  We have worked together to create a purpose, and it is a purpose that we all take pride and ownership in.  Our Purpose; Empowering youth to achieve success in soccer and in life, thru the love of the game.

Our purpose is supported by our Core Values: Character, Empathy, Trust, Accountability, and Grit.  Our Core Values are demonstrated in our actions and lived thru our Ethos.

Our Ethos:

1. Purpose Greater than Self.

2. Irrepressible Drive to Succeed.

3. Challenge and Failure Embraced as Part of Growth.

4.  Refresh, Reflect, Renew.

5.  Ethos Lived & Celebrated

Being a part of the Surf Soccer Club has been an extremely positive experience for us.  Continuing on with this affiliation is in our minds the only way.  Having witnessed the growth and development of San Diego Surf from its humble beginnings as San Dieguito Surf is incredible, and truly what we want to be a part of.  We feel connected to Surf and we feel that we are Surf, and thru Surf we can continue to live our purpose and demand our core values be honored.