Coach Spotlight – Coach Dino

Meet Coach Dino, the next contestant on the Coach Spotlight Wheel! Dino is a boys ’05, ’08 coach. Go SGV Surf!

Soccer Playing Experience: Club, High School, and College

Position Played: Midfield, Striker

Playing Highlights: Western Conference Player of the Year

• Coaching Experience: 12 years coaching club soccer, 3 seasons at academy level, 8 years coaching high school.

• Most Memorable Moment on a Soccer Field: Megging the Santa Barbara keeper for a goal in a very close game to win.

• Most Embarrassing Soccer Moment: Kicked in the family jewels and could not get up in a PSL game.

• Game Day Superstition or Ritual: Lucky socks, lucky underwear, and lucky bracelet ready to go.

• Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea

• Favorite Soccer Player: As a kid, Pele, of course. Present, too difficult to pick.

• Favorite Non-Soccer Team: Lakers! Especially Showtime.

• Favorite Athlete: The Greatest, Muhammed Ali.

• Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

• Favorite Actor or Actress: Robert De Niro and Viola Davis.

• Favorite Musical Group or Singer: U2

• Favorite TV Show: Three’s Company

• Favorite Meal: Salmon rice pilaf and sweet corn.

• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I prefer pie!

• Hobbies: Music, music, and music.

• Dream Vacation Destination: Ireland, Greece, Spain, and Italy.

• Famous People You Would Invite to Dinner: Jim Morrison, Martin Luther King, Anne Rice.

• How Many Friends Do You Have on Facebook? Umm let me check…175.

• Where Was Your Last Selfie Taken? Galaxy game…no joke.

• Best Advice for Players: First off, enjoy the game. Never stop learning and push yourself.