Coach Spotlight – Coach Jonathan

With new players, new families, and new coaching staff coming to SGV Surf, we thought we would have some fun and let you get to know a little about our coaches with a little Q&A.

First up, Coach Jonathan, one of our boys ’06, ’07, and ’09 coaches.

• Soccer Playing Experience (High School, College, Other): South Hills High School. Club soccer for over 10 years, AYSO 1 year.

• Position Played: Mostly forward and midfielder but played a little goalie in club and defender in high school.

• Playing Highlights (Honors, Awards, Accomplishments): Many club tournament trophies and league champions in high school, as well as “All League” player.

• Coaching Experience: Head varsity soccer coach for 2 years, assistant for 3, and 2 years of club coaching.

• Most Memorable Moment on a Soccer Field: Sr. year when we played Walnut High School in pouring rain to a point the ball couldn’t even move unless in the air. After we won 1-0 we all slid in the mud.

• Most Embarrassing Soccer Moment: When I threw in a ball feeling perfectly fine but somehow once I let go of the ball I cramped up.

• Game Day Superstition or Ritual: Any game before noon I wouldn’t eat anything until after and always listen to music to relax myself before the game.

• Favorite Soccer Team: A.C. Milan and Real Madrid

• Favorite Soccer Player: Ricardo Kaka and Gareth Bale

• Favorite Non-Soccer Team: Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers

• Favorite Athlete: Rafael Nadal

• Favorite Movie: A Knight’s Tale

• Favorite Actor or Actress: Heath Ledger

• Favorite Musical Group or Singer: Coldplay

• Favorite TV Show: Married With Children

• Favorite Meal: Enchiladas

• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun

• Hobbies: Playing just about any sport and FIFA

• Dream Vacation Destination: Italy or Spain

• Four Famous People You Would Invite to Dinner: Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Ricardo Kaka.

• How Many Friends Do You Have on Facebook? 316, I guess

• Where Was Your Last Selfie Taken? This morning on snapchat

• Best Advice for Players: Don’t ever take anything in the wrong way and always pay attention. We only tell you these things because we want to push you to be the best you can be.