Coach Spotlight – Coach Rashad

And, the Wheel of Coaches lands on…Coach Rashad! Rashad is one of our G03-05 coaches, he helps out with our clinics and camps, and runs a mean PT session helping to get our players in shape! Go SGV Surf!

• Soccer Playing Experience (High School, College, Other): Started playing in Mexico. I would go outside, play with friends, and hit a ball against a wall for hours. Some friends had school in the morning some had school in the afternoon. I’d play with one set of friends then the other set and once everybody was back we would finish up with a scrimmage. Our goals consisted of two rocks! In the USA played AYSO, High School, Premier level club, then flight 1.

• Position Played: AYSO – 6, 8, 10
High school – center back, outside back, holding mid
Club – Striker

• Playing Highlights: Dallas Cup is by far my favorite soccer experience.

• Coaching Experience: Coached high school for 2 years and club for 2 years

• Most Memorable Moment on a Soccer Field: Scoring a goal from 40 yards out, upper 90, and walking away before it even went in.

• Most Embarrassing Soccer Moment: Getting a concussion playing soccer tennis against 10 year olds.

• Game Day Superstition or Ritual: As a player, listen to good music in time leading up to the game. As a coach, I just hope I don’t forget to eat.

• Favorite Soccer Team: Mexico

• Favorite Soccer Player: Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo.

• Favorite Non-Soccer Team: Yankees

• Favorite Athlete: Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

• Favorite Movie: The Fast and The Furious

• Favorite Actor or Actress: Paul Walker

• Favorite Musical Group or Singer: Eminem/Kendrick Lamar/J Cole/Hijos De Barron

• Favorite TV Show: Dexter/Breaking Bad

• Favorite Meal: Pancakes, Pizza, Mango, OREOS!

• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Oreo

• Hobbies: Cars (motorsports), Soccer, Boxing, Exercise

• Dream Vacation Destination: Spain

• Four Famous People You Would Invite to Dinner: Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather, Christian Von Koenigsegg

• How Many Friends Do You Have on Facebook? No Idea.. not a huge social media person.

• Where Was Your Last Selfie Taken? My Kitchen

• Best Advice for Players: Work hard, work smart, be dedicated!