Directors of Coaching

Matt Bradbury (Technical Director)

“When young athletes stop playing the game they love, it genuinely bums me out”.
Matt’s greatest passion is peaking the interest of all athletes and cultivating their love
of soccer. He teaches players to believe they can, and then teaches them how to
play. With a growth mindset and a belief that their talent and soccer IQ are limited
only by their desire and willingness to work hard; all can be accomplished.
Matt is extremely cognoscente that every child is not destined to be a world class soccer
player. However, their time spent and effort put forth will certainly shape their
abilities as young men and women to contribute to anything they are a part of for the
remainder of their lives. It is his goal to develop future leaders one step, one accomplishment, one game at a time.

Matt’s playing background includes movement from the AYSO fields, to the club fields,
to a NCAA Division I field, to a professional field. Along the way he has achieved a
number of success and failures. Some of the high points of his career are as follows:

As a player:
– Scholarship to Cal State Univ. Fullerton
– Big West Scholar Athlete of the Year 1992
– Division I Final Four 1993
– Division I Elite Eight 1994
– Soccer America Player of the Week 1994
– #4 Career Point Leader Cal State Univ. Fullerton 1992-1995
– Career Assist Record Holder Cal State Univ. Fullerton 1992-1995
– Spartek Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) 1996-1998

As a Coach:

National D License

6 years coaching experience with age groups spanning 2006-1998

Heather Fraschetti (DOC & Registrar)

When you are not practicing… Remember: Someone somewhere is practicing. And
when you meet her, she will win.

This was Heather’s mantra all through her youth. They were words that resonated
strongly from the coach she learned so much from during her club years at Claremont
Stars Soccer Club. Her coach not only gave her the education she needed to compete
at the collegiate level, but he dedicated his time to helping her gain the exposure she
needed to play in college.

In high school, she knew she wanted to coach and give back to others as her coach had given to her. She even helped coach some AYSO teams in an assistant coach capacity.
So, when the Marina High School Varsity Coach recruited her to run his Junior
Varsity team during one of her college practice sessions, she jumped on the opportunity.
Since then, Heather has gone on to coach Varsity soccer programs for both boys and
girls and in one season went undefeated up until the Final of CIF. As her passion for
coaching grew she realized that she could have the same impact on youth soccer
players that her club coach had on her. So, over ten years ago she began her club soccer
coaching career. She feels honored to say she has had teams promote yearly from
Bronze to Premier, won countless tournaments, helped players make ODP, and assisted
several players to college recruitment.

Heather holds a National D License. She currently coaches three teams. Since coming
to SGV Surf, Heather has played a key role in growing the club from four to 19
teams. Heather’s ability to recruit players and families has played an astounding role
for the club. She personally created four teams – three of which she coached this past

Matt Hoenshell (DOC)

Hoey is a full time High School teacher who grew up playing for a small club, and a
highly successful team, in Eastern Washington State. He was recruited to several top
caliber schools around the country, but after sustaining a severe head injury hung up
his cleats and started coaching. He began coaching 4 and 5 years olds when he was
only 16. He coached middle soccer while a senior in High School. He continued with
part time and private coaching while in College and after graduating he began coaching
at the club level full time. He has had successful coaching stints at multiple high
level clubs and has additionally coached at the High School level for 8 years and was
the Director of Soccer at Village Christian School until recently stepping down.

Hoey has found SGV Surf to be an environment whose high values and integrity match
his own. He coaches in order to develop your child’s soccer skills and help them to
achieve their goals in the game and in life, and to provide your child with a positive
adult mentor who can help them grow to become successful adults. He’s all about
high quality soccer, high caliber character, and high achieving teams.

Damon Hughes (DOC)

As a coach, Damon’s approach to the development of youth soccer has evolved from
experiences growing up playing for his local club team.  It is not only the coach, but
the club, that will develop great players and individuals; it’s a community.  Damon is
excited about creating one that will develop positive, confident young men and
women through the game that has given him so much.  If kids have an understanding
of the game as a whole, they can play any position on the field if necessary because
they aren’t single threaded in their development.  They should understand not only
their own role but that of their teammates.  A good team has this, through practice,
sacrifice and dedication to the sport.   Being a part of a group of individuals committed
to making this happen can hopefully provide a lifetime of friendship and a circle
of growth.

Player Experience:
-Youth club teams: Diamond Bar Hawks (multiple state champions), La Jolla Nomads (state champions), North Huntington Beach Untouchables (state champions) -1983-1992
-High School: Damien High School – 1988-1992 High School All American
-National Teams: U-17 men’s national team 1987-1991, U-23 men’s Olympic team 1994
-College: Southern Methodist University 1992-1995 – Freshman All American -Soccer America All Freshman Team, Multiple First Team All Midwest
-Semi-Pro: East LA Cobras – 1993
-Professional: Dallas Burn (FC Dallas) 1996 Orange County Zodiac 1998-1999

Coaching Experience:
– National D License with US Soccer

Coaching Southern Methodist University Soccer Camps 1992-1997, Southern Methodist University Men’s Assistant Coach 1996

Coached with the following Youth Clubs from 2003 until 2016: Corona United, Claremont Stars, Arsenal FC, Newport Mesa Soccer Club

Dino Barbiera (DOC)

As a youth, Dino Barbiera played club soccer and went on to play high school varsity
for all 4 years. He also played his college soccer at Glendale Community College,
which earned him Western Conference player of the year. As an adult he played 2 seasons
in the PSL with the West Coast Hurricanes and one season in the USL.

Dino has coached all ages, both boys and girls, at a competitive level. He also spent
three seasons at the USSDA academy level. While there, he won several tournaments
including state cup and nationals.

Dino’s coaching philosophy is to first establish the love for the game at a young age.
While establishing a love for the game, he works to develop players through individual
skills, as well as tactical introductions and scenarios. Dino believes that teaching team
work and discipline are steadfast lessons that will carry his players through their adult